Stewardship of the Snake River Canyon


August 14, 2019 —

Without question, one of the defining characteristics of our beautiful property lies in the Snake River canyon. 

Stretching all the way from past the Pines Course, bending around the lodge and cabins, and extending beyond the Horse Course, the canyon hugs our land and provides us with a truly astonishing landscape to enjoy.

As such, we understand it is all of our responsibilities to steward this natural treasure. 

We have previously addressed (by Paul Schock in letters past, see number 5) the issue of golf balls finding their way into the Snake River and around, but the issue requires attention again. 

While we’re sure the vast majority of our members (and perhaps all of them) have nothing to do with this problem, we do respectfully ask you to refrain from hitting shots off the canyon rim, and to let us know if you notice anyone doing so. 

We’re in the process of working on a sign to put on common areas.

As you probably know, the Snake River is home to some of the most extraordinary trout fishing in America. However, being a relatively small river by comparison — and extremely sensitive — it requires a special amount of care to protect its inhabitants.

Slight changes in environment can have a considerable impact on the survival of our trout population, and of the rest of the wildlife and existing ecosystem. 

Of course, we do not feel it is necessary to continue explaining the effect of golf balls existing in this pristine land. Quite obviously, it takes a very long time for golf balls to decompose if left littered (according to some research, up to 1,000 years!). 

We appreciate your constant efforts in stewarding this exceptional property. In the same way we discovered this land untouched, so would we like to keep it mostly so. 

Let’s all try to keep the balls on the links (errant tee shots and otherwise).

Thank you all for being our ambassadors on this project.