Super Bowl Predictions 2022

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February 14, 2022 —

What a fun Super Bowl.

Finishing off with seven straight post-season games that all came down to the wire — it was a great January and February of football!

How many Los Angeles Rams fans do we have in our membership?

Well, perhaps a better measure would be Husker players active.  (The Bengals rostered the only active Husker in the game, wide receiver Stanley Morgan.)

Maybe the Husker allegiance influenced the 54% Bengal bias?

Rick Kimmes was our “Super Bowl whisperer.”  He and Mandi were pretty close to their crystal balls reading perfectly.  See their predictions again here:


As for the membership?

Like we said, 54% had the Bengals.



The median score prediction for total points was 51.

This was actually three points higher than Las Vegas’ closing line (48), and eight points higher than the score.  We were predicting some offense!


Ultimately, there was one individual who correctly picked the Los Angeles Rams and was within 1 point of the final score being correct.

He saw into the future almost perfectly.

That member was Doug Leafgren!

Great pick, Doug.   Keep an eye on your mailbox our there in Colorado.  We’ve got something coming.

Thanks to all who participated!

Next up, the Eagle’s Nest Open. Start picking your rosters.