The Mysterious Nature of Hole-in-Ones: Warren Reimer’s Ace Story


August 10, 2021 —

The Horse Course probably doesn’t get enough love. Everybody loves to talk about the big courses.

Sure, the Dunes and Pines courses are nationally-recognized and iconic, but the Horse Course, complete with unique wedge shots, tiered greens, unlimited tee locations, and stunning canyon views, often offers its own memories that last a lifetime.

Much like when Warren Reimer and his good friend Ron Willers enjoyed a walk back in October of 2020.

Ron, age 84, was a guest of Warren’s from their hometown of Norfolk, NE. The two have played many rounds together before, including at TPC, but this would be Ron’s first time seeing the Horse.

They left that day with a life-long memory.

As founding member #18, Warren Reimer has taken many trips to The Prairie Club since its inception on May 31st, 2010 (which also happened to be Warren’s 60th birthday).

Last October 1 was one of those trips.

Warren and Ron were enjoying “a perfect day,” as Warren described it. Cool, but warm. The kind of day that would be perfect with or without a sweater. Zero wind, zero humidity — just perfect.

Ron was soaking in both the day and his first sight of the renowned 10-hole track.

After they completed the stroll down the canyon to 4 green, they walked over to 5 tee.


With roughly 70 yards straight up the hill, the pin barely visible, Warren took dead aim with a pitching wedge.

“I hit little punched pitching wedge,” said Warren, recalling the shot. Ron hit his, and both started walking.

On the green, Warren’s ball was nowhere to be found.

Warren then joked to Ron, “go check the hole for me!”

As Ron walked over to the hole, he found Warren’s ball hiding.

This picture was taken shortly thereafter.


“It [the Horse Course] is a special place, there is no two ways about it,” said Warren in reflection.

Maybe Warren would have preferred a hole-in-one on one of the “big” courses, but hole-in-ones are without control. They are mysterious.

So mysterious, in fact, that as we were aggregating the elements for this story, he made another trip to the club in late July 2021 with a group.

You guessed it.

Here was Warren’s email to our team.

By the way, during the trip one of my companions, John Theisen of Norfolk, aced the 6th hole on the Pines on Thursday. I had already hit one to about 4 feet looking for my second birdie of the round when he holed out. What a treat.

What a treat, indeed.



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