The Prairie Club Featured in New York Times


August 22, 2017—

Paul Schock in the New York Times? No way…

Actually, yes—it happened earlier this month!

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In a New York Times article titled “You Can Always Get a Tee Time, but Turning a Profit Can Be Tricky” published on August 4, “Wealth Matters” columnist, Paul Sullivan, discussed the downward trend in both profitability and new construction of golf courses.

For many clubs, this is a reality that hits uncomfortably close to home.

Thankfully for us, The Prairie Club is an outlier. Sullivan reached out to our founder, Paul Schock, to hear his story.  

Described as “a thriving golf destination,” The Prairie Club stands out as an example of a club that has beat the odds and continues to prosper, but we couldn’t do it without you. You members are an integral part of what makes us resilient, and we are grateful for your support every day.

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