The Prairie Club Hosts 2017 Hickory State Championship


August 5, 2017—

Last weekend, July 28-30, The Prairie Club had the pleasure of hosting the Nebraska Hickory Golf Association’s (NEHGA) 2nd Annual Hickory State Championship.

NEHGA is an organization based out of Omaha that strives to preserve the history of golf and support hickory golfers in the state of Nebraska. According to the NEHGA website, Omaha is an international hub for hickory golf.

Modern golf clubs, the clubs in many of your golf bags, are made of steel. But in the early days of the game, they were crafted from stout wood known as hickory. Omaha is currently home to some of the world’s finest craftsmen of hickory golf shafts and reproduction hickory-era balls.

For avid hickory golfers, maintaining the purity of the game is paramount. Playing with hickory clubs brings the game back to its roots in Scotland and lends an entirely different feel to playing the game of golf.

At The Prairie Club, we’re devoted to creating an environment that’s “as pure as golf gets,” so this was a perfect match—both our staff and the golfers from NEHGA thoroughly enjoyed their time over the weekend.

“The Prairie Club is a special jewel nestled in the heartland of Nebraska that allows for the fellowship of both modern and hickory players to imagine the past, yet always adapting to the future of our ever evolving game that we love,” NEHGA president Kevin Cawley said, after the conclusion of their event.

The Prairie Club looks forward to hosting NEHGA again in the future. We strive to promote golf in its purest form, and welcome both hickory and modern players to our courses. For more information on the history of hickory golf, visit the Society of Hickory Golfers website, and be sure to visit our gallery for photos from the NEHGA championship.