The Revival of the Himalayas Putting Green (for 2023)

Brandon's Course Updates

October 21, 2022 —

The original irrigation piping was already there.

The area was cleared.

New lodging units surrounded it.

And the Himalayas putting green of old was calling out for a revival.

During the latter half of 2022, our maintenance team had the idea to bring back to life our putting green — to an area now frequently walked on our property.

The location has shifted a bit, but The Himalayas will exist here again starting in 2023!

If you remember the original Himalayas putting, here’s a photo from 2011.

It was a time before the Bunkhouse.  A time before the Guesthouse.

Narrow chutes connected the hole locations, a ball or two lost in the grasses.



It was named after the putting green at St. Andrews.  It was a concept meant to go along with our Horse Course, a place to hit fun putts and enjoy an evening.

But after the brutal winter of 2013, we used the turf from this green to repair losses throughout the property.

Given it’s general lack of guest use and “out of the way” location, we slowly let the prairie reclaim this area.

Since then, life and activity have been added to this area of our property.  Including our cabin rooms, almost half of the property’s beds sit beyond this green site.

It will be an excellent addition to the property.

“If anything, it will be a really nice walking path,” joked Roger.

Before bringing it back, the team had a few stipulations.

First, no chutes of prairie grass.  It would be a continuous green.  Mowing and upkeep were extremely challenging on a putting green where certain areas were only a mower length wide.

Second, it would made fun and simple — to blend into everything else on property.

Because so much of the irrigation was already in place, it just took some investigative work and a few new heads to give water to this area.

So we got to work!

We’re hoping this project is fully-functional and complete to kick off 2022.

And we’re probably going to see a lot more putters in guest’s rooms next year.

For more images (and a video), see below.


(Photo from Saturday, October 22, 2022)