Update Credit Card on File — All Members

Member Information

December 28, 2021 —

As mentioned last week, the club is updating our resort software for 2022. This is going to be a significant improvement over previous years, but does not come without a handful of small hurdles.

One, of which, is our need to update all member credit cards on file.

The new database allows for increased security measures for data collected. This increase in protection require us to re-enter all of the data, by hand.

Please give us a call before the end of this week (1/7) at 855 – 424 – 0707 and we can update your card to start the new year. We will be contacting all others one-by-one until this process is complete.

Our hours this week are Monday through Friday, 9AM – 3PM CDT.

If anything, it will be wonderful to hear your voices and connect with you. (Maybe this is our master plan to simply connect, who knows…😏)

Thank you in advance!