Updated Cocktails Available for Order


June 20, 2022 —

Serving up creative mixed cocktails that maintain impeccable quality when staff numbers are low can be challenging.

To solve the problem, we put our thinking caps. We thought, “What if we pre-aged our own Old Fashioneds and Manhattans?”

We started working on this a few months ago. Turns out, it works great!


The process is simple.

We batch and age the mix in 5-liter charred oak barrels for about two weeks, barrels it took us some time to get our hands on. We then store them in 1-liter bottles for service.

All of the flavors have soaked into the mix.a

Then, it’s measure, pour over ice, garnish, and serve.

They are fantastic!

  • Maker’s Mark Barrel Aged Manhattan – $14
    • Bourbon, orange and cherry bitters with Antica Vermouth
  • Buffalo Trace Barrel Aged Old-Fashioned – $14
    • Bourbon and orange bitters finished with Demura syrup

Our first few batches were made with Jim Beam Black.

Order one next time down!