We Named the Couples Weekend Golf Event


April 13, 2021 —

It’s been a fun month naming our Couples Weekend golf event.

After all, most things surrounding Couples Weekend is fun.

But let’s rewind the clocks a bit.

Our Couples Weekend is no doubt, one of our favorite events of the summer.  As the event has built year-after-year, we’ve started to establish a multi-faceted weekend, including that of a golf event.

It finally hit our team — our golf event needs a name, too.

So we strapped on our brainstorming caps, and enlisted the help of our membership.

A half-a-dozen names ended up in the pool and we finally landed on a submission from Andrew and Jennifer Thompson: The Hooey.

Here’s some context of a “hooey”:

Casual definition: Silly talk, writing, ideas.
Formal (ranching) definition: A slang term for a hog-tie, or knot, performed in a rodeo show.

For a fun, laid back weekend, we like the idea of naming the event after a rodeo knot.

Especially since the weekend is played with the person you’ve tied the knot to!