Welcoming Regan Jerred to our Team


September 9, 2022 —

Working at a golf resort is a change of pace for the self-described “country cowboy.”

In May, Regan Jerred joined our team at The Prairie Club.

Since then, some of you have had the privilege of shaking his hand and welcoming him.

But the now Facility Maintenance Manager did not start in the capacity in which he serves now. He actually started by working in our halfway houses and F&B department.

Regan (pronounced ree-gan) was introduced to our club by TC Colvin during the winter, when they were clipping and torching bulls. You know, rancher / cowboy stuff.

TC asked him if he’d be interested in helping the club out once it opened.

Regan agreed, and TC set him up helping in the halfway houses.

It didn’t take long for Roger and Rick to notice the skills Regan brought to the property and wanted to utilize him in a greater capacity.

That’s when the switch was made for Regan to serve across our entire property as Facility Maintenance Manager. Essentially, he’s the guy that makes sure everything is running, functioning, and working.

“Regan’s attitude and ‘can-do’ spirit is a huge bonus for our property,” said Roger. “He’s a huge addition to the team!”

Between fixing door handles, working with HVAC units, and repairing leaky faucets, Regan can be seen all over the Lodge tinkering with things to keep this place functional.

“He’s been working on all sorts of projects throughout the property to help keep this place in tip-top shape,” said GM Rick. “On top of that he makes a pretty mean Manhattan!”

To get some background on Regan, he’s originally from Springview, a small town 65 miles east of here. He spent some time bouncing around the Midwest before finally settling back down in Valentine about three years ago with his wife Kristin and his 5-year old son, George.

His first season at The Prairie Club has gone really well.

“It’s been an adjustment, for sure,” says Regan. “This is outside my professional realm of work, but it’s been such a welcome change of pace. My knees and legs appreciated the lighter physical workload!”

And he’s enjoyed getting to know all of the members and fellow team members.

“This staff I get to work with is fantastic. They’ve been welcoming and all of the members that I’ve met have been so welcoming, as well. It’s been really great.”

In his spare time, you can find him team roping, hunting, or fishing. He’s a country cowboy at heart.

He also has been getting into golf more, too.

He added, “My 5-year old son absolutely loves hitting golf balls, so it’s the highlight of his day when he gets to come out here with me and hit a few around.”

If you see Regan around, shake his hand, say hello, and thank him for what he does.

Welcome, Regan!