The Lodge added a Piano


November 11, 2022 —

Over the years, we’ve had members encourage us, and we heard it often — “there should be a piano somewhere at the club.”

During festive, member-only weekends, music fills the lodge.

For all of the quiet experienced on this property, the spirit of wonderful music has always felt it had a place here.

From Tom’s bagpipes singing across the canyon, to guitars strumming in the Eagle’s Nest, to the keyboard and live bands making members dance in the Caprock Lounge, music has been welcome alongside quiet.

With that, we’ve had a piano on our to-do list.

This summer, a woman named Marjorie Wilkins from Ainsworth, Nebraska called.

She had a 1905 that was also a piano player, one she described was in good condition.  She felt it would be a wonderful addition to our club and wanted to make a donation of it.

So, Andi Steffes drove down to inspect.

It all panned out and to boot, she had some 60 rolls of music to deliver with it.

Here it sits in our lobby (a photo from Couples Weekend with the Pospisils).



If you were with us at all during the final 10-12 weeks of the season, you may have seen it.

It still needs to be tuned (an offseason project) and we need to find a matching bench for it, but Mrs. Wilkins’ piano found a home.

Thank you for the donation, Mrs. Wilkins!