Wild Weather in Valentine | February 2021

Brandon's Course Updates

February 24, 2021 —

Winters are never easy on the Nebraska prairie.

It was six winters ago that a layer of ice coated the golf course, trapping the turf and leading to a very unhealthy spring. A few years ago, temperatures were so unseasonably high, that we turned on our irrigation lines in early March, the earliest we ever have in history.

Navigating winter is always a game of taking on the challenge of the unexpected.

Let’s archive February 2021 as another chapter in that wild ride.

See this tweet below:


Yep, you read that right… 103 temperature variance in less than 15 days.

We’ve been able to hand water key areas throughout the winter, which helps immensely. When it dips to freezing, we just hang on.

We’ll come with a full spring course conditions update in mid-April with a report coming out of the winter.

So far though, so good.