A Food & Beverage Update from Krissy Brashear


June 9, 2023 —

Today, we’d like to provide you with a brief update on our food & beverage operation here on property to kick off 2023.

The word is brought to you by Krissy Brashear, our Food & Beverage Manager / Events Coordinator (also, the lovely wife of Roger!).

Her and Becky are leading the charge in this area and we’re so thankful for their great attitudes and servant hearts. If you’ve met either of them, you understand their contagious spirits. We are blessed with great people!

Here is her note.  Enjoy!



Good Afternoon, Members!

Krissy here with some updates on our Food & Beverage department this week.

There are a few new and exciting things happening in food & beverage this year, but first things first, I want to express how great it is to be back for another season and what a pleasure it is to see all of your faces and partake in significant conversations with you all.  

(I say significant, but you also have to remember that my winters consist of speaking with two 6-year-olds and Roger, so I’m not sure it takes much to have a “significant” conversation — haha. 😉)

As some of you may know, Becky and myself have taken on the Food & Beverage department and we are thrilled to be working together and building a great program to provide quality food and genuine service for you all.

We have quite a few members on our team, so as you walk through and see some new faces, please introduce yourself.

And if anybody notices a face you haven’t seen much on the floor to greet you lately, Rick Kimmes, our General Manager and culinary extraordinaire has been busy in the kitchen cooking and training our new kitchen staff.

We are lucky to have him as our search for a Chef continues.

Here’s a picture of Rick cooking away:



A few weeks ago, we sent out an email about our new Burge’s Mercantile.  (Read more about it here.)

This is one of the things I am personally most excited about.

For all of you that want a quick turn between rounds, we have great drink and food options available to you down there – including lunch specials (like wraps or chili dogs).

And for those of you who have a phone that switches to mountain time and your alarm goes off an hour late, we will also have quick breakfast options available like burritos/sandwiches and donut holes.

This mercantile will be a game-changer and we’re already getting great feedback from members who appreciate having it.



This year, we also added a variety of new liquors, beer and wine to our menu including a special “Eagle’s Nest” list that has specific wines and liquors that are only available to members upstairs.

We now have 8 varieties of beer on draft, with 5 of them being Local Nebraska beers.  And of those local beers, 3 of those 5 are from our very own Valentine Brewery; BOLO Brewing.

They rotate, so we may have different options during your stay, but we love offering these local Nebraska beer options.



We have also added NEW Prairie Club white-labeled wines from a Clos la Chance vineyard in Santa Clara, California.

These varietals include a Chardonnay, a Cabernet, a Pinot Noir, & a Red Blend (Meritage). They are available both by the glass and by the bottle and they’re incredibly popular so far with membership.

Speaking from experience during our tastings, they are delicious.



Another new thing we have added to our everyday adventure is an extra menu. Between 3pm-6pm we have our “Mulligan Munchies” available.

This is a separate appetizer menu that also includes beverage specials like $4 draft beers and $15 pitchers.

We know most people enjoy a little AC, snacks, and a cold beer at this time, so even though dinner still starts at 5pm, we decided to make this option available to you, as well.



Lastly, if you ever have any special requests, please feel free to reach out to Becky or myself directly and we will always try to have your favorite items available to you during your trip. 

Thank you for reading and thank you for being such an incredible support system for our team down here.

See you soon!


— Krissy Brashear