Purchase Prints of Our New Paintings


May 14, 2021 —

At the end of April, we told the story of Jim Sturdevant’s painting chops and how he’d started working on two pieces of art for The Prairie Club.

Well, we now have them framed and hung in our Lodge.

Spoiler Alert: They look absolutely amazing.

What a special addition to our Canyon Room and Lodge hallway.

Our friends at Piper Arts in Sioux Falls have made them available for print (see “order” links below).

Here are the current specs:

Pines 18:

  • 15″ h x 30″ w — $180.00
  • 12″ h x 24″ w — $115.00
  • 9″ h x 18″ w — $65.00

Place an order.


Dunes 4:

  • 18″ h x 36″ w — $260.00
  • 13″ h x 29″ w — $150.00
  • 10″ h x 22″ w — $90

Place an order.


They’d make a pretty cool addition to any space that you’re looking to add some prairie beauty.




Jim Sturdevant

Sturdevant’s art transports viewers to a time and place. He hopes viewers can not only fully see, but almost smell, hear, and feel the environment. He hopes viewers stop, embrace, and appreciate uncommon beauty as well as iconic places. He captures scenes of our region, landmark by landmark and neighborhood by neighborhood. Sturdevant is influenced by Realists, like Sloan and Hopper, and Impressionists like Cezanne and Corot. His art was featured in a solo exhibition at the Washington Pavilion Visual Arts Center in 2016. Sturdevant has drawn and painted throughout his life. He produced most of his pieces as commissions.

Born in Sioux Falls in 1955, Sturdevant has worked in the government, private, education, and non-profit sectors for over 41 years. He has an Ed.D. in Leadership from the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, MN, a Masters Degree in Geography from Oklahoma State University in 1979, and a Bachelor of Arts in Geography, with an Art Minor, from South Dakota State University in 1978. He has taken several plein air oil painting workshops from Joe Paquet, St. Paul, MN.