Respecting Dining Reservation Times

Member Information

September 9, 2023 —

This comes as no secret — our staffing situation is tight for the remaining days of the season.

This is especially true in food & beverage.

While we’re small in numbers, we’re mighty in pride of service!

And that said, our members are our greatest allies toward ensuring smooth processes throughout the property.

Here are a few ways you can help with our dining.

  • If you have a group larger than 8;
    • Agree ahead of time with your group to dine in smaller groups.
    • Better yet, have the reservations made ahead with those smaller groups denoted!
    • Large groups are best placed in our Canyon Room or Wine Room.
  • Honor your reservation time.
    • No different than a tee time, a reservation time allows us the ability to make sure everyone gets a superb level of service.
    • If you are late for your reservation, please carry grace for our level of service.  Our kitchen does it’s best to pump out orders with quality and timeliness, but it’s hard to do all at once — as you could imagine!
    • We are only able to serve 24 folks during each 1/2 hour time block.
    • Thank you for the help here.
  • Communicate with your guests our policies prior to arrival.
    • This news is always best received from a member than from a member of our staff. Thank you!
  • Be flexible with your dining location.
    • We have some pretty member-heavy nights through the end of September (which we love).
    • That said, there are only 50 some seats in the Eagle’s Nest and some members may have to or choose to sit in the Canyon Room, Wine Room, or CapRock Lounge.
    • Eagle’s Nest reservations are made first-come-first-serve in order of reservation time.

Here’s a pro tip.  If you really want to befriend our staff (and have for a unique club experience).

Dine with us prior to 6PM for dinner.

If you get done eating by 7PM, we can load you up and you’ll have an hour to nightcap on the Horse Course as the sun sets.

A win-win!

We thank you all for your continued cooperation and consideration.