Where Are They Now? Kitra Cody, our 2021 Scholarship Recipient

Foundation News

September 1, 2023 —

“I’ve even started my Master’s degree!”

This is one of many exciting life updates for Kitra Cody, our 2021 Foundation Scholarship recipient. You may remember Kitra’s bright smile at the front desk a few years ago or her go-getter attitude and work ethic.

She hasn’t changed.

In fact, she’s taking the world by storm.

In 2022, Kitra graduated with a degree from York University with not just one major focus, not two, but three emphases including business administration, business management, and accounting.

With her triple degree and a variety of work experience in hand, she quickly found a job at Bridges Trust, a comprehensive wealth management firm in Omaha, NE where their commitment to service transcends generations providing solutions for wealth preservation, strategic asset growth, family office services, and philanthropy consulting.

There she works diligently as a Family Office Associate, putting all that she has studied to use.

“I am learning a ton every day and love my job,” says Kitra. “I can feel that I am valued as a member of my team, which is really a great feeling to have at my first career building job after college.”

In her role at Bridges Trust Company, Kitra is responsible for supporting its Family Office clients with seamless financial and administrative assistance on a daily basis.

Kitra reflects that her internships at The Prairie Club helped prepare her for the current work she’s doing.

“I’m still using things from that accounting internship in the work I’m doing today,” says Kitra who worked in both an accounting and an event management internship at The Prairie Club.

While Kitra gets her legs under her in her career, she credits the Foundation Scholarship for fueling her success.

“The Foundation helped me to be able to focus on school and my career without worrying so much about the financial end of things,” says Kitra.

“Instead of being worried about having more debt, I was able to focus on growing my career and taking positions that gave me opportunities for my future.”

What’s next for Miss Kitra Cody?

She is focusing her energy into growing her professional career, honing in on those skills that she picked up while helping the members enjoy their trips to The Prairie Club!

“I think the Foundation, The Prairie Club, and specifically the membership helped me develop a passion to pursue a career at a company dedicated to the Client Experience, which is where I am at now!”

“I miss and appreciate everyone at the club and everyone I’ve been fortunate enough to meet through it,” Kitra concluded.

I’m sure if you’re around the Omaha area — she would love to say hi.




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